Aiming to track seabird contamination all around the Arctic and being based on existing field programmes and campaigns, ARCTOX involves many partners from various institutes.

ARCTOX also closely collaborates with SEATRACK, a Norwegian research programme aiming to understand the large scale distribution and movements of seabirds.

project group

J. Fort (Project PI), LIENSs
P. Bustamante LIENSs
M. Cruz Flores, MSCA fellow LIENSs
M. Grunst, MSCA fellow, LIENSs
A. Carravieri, LIENSs
M. Brault-Favrou, LIENSs
A. Grunst, MSCA fellow, LIENSs
F. Cusset (PhD student) LIENSs
J. Charrier (PhD student) LIENSs
M. Hernandez Gonzalez, MSc LIENSs



W.J. Montevecchi, MUN
M. Mallory, Mallory lab
J. Provencher, University of British Columbia
G. Gilchrist, Gilchrist lab
K. Elliott, Mac Gill University
G. J. Robertson
D. Fifield


A. Mosbech, Aahrus University
F. Merckel, Aahrus University
R. Dietz, Aarhus University
M. Frederiksen, Aarhus University
I. Eulaers, Norvegian Polar Institute
C. Sonne, Aarhus University


T. Sepp, University of Tartu


J. Danielsen, Havstovan Faroe Marine Research Institute
B. Olsen, Havstovan Faroe Marine Research Institute


S. Leclaire, EDB
O. Chastel, CEBC
D. Grémillet, CEBC
G. Yannic, LECA
O. Gilg, Chrono-Environnement
T. Boulinier, CEFE


T. L. Þórarinsson, Náttúrustofa Norðausturlands
Y. Kolbeinsson, Náttúrustofa Norðausturlands
J. E. Jónsson
S. Gíslason, Southwest Iceland Nature Research Centre
E. S. Hansen, South Iceland Nature Research Centre


H. Strøm, Norwegian Polar Institute
S. Descamps, Norwegian Polar Institute
G. W. Gabrielsen, Norwegian Polar Institute
E. Lorentzen, Norwegian Polar Institute
S. A. Hanssen, NINA
T. K. Reiertsen, NINA
B. Moe, NINA
S-A. Lorentsen, NINA
T. Anker-Nilssen, NINA
M. Langset, NINA
S. Christensen-Dalsgaard, NINA
G. H. Systad, NINA
N. Dehnhard, NINA
K. Sagerup, Akvaplan-niva
T. Holm Carlsen, NIBIO
H. H. Helgason, Náttúrustofa Austurlands
M. Helberg, Østfold University College


D. Jakubas, University of Gdansk
K. Wojczulanis-Jakubas, University of Gdansk


M. Gavrilo, AMH
G. Tertitski, Russian Academy of Science
A. Ezhov
E. Golubova
E. Tolmacheva


P. Thompson, University of Aberdeen


A. Kitaysky, Institute of arctic Biology
S. Hatch
H. Renner, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
M. Romano
N. Rojek
R. Orben, OSU


M.Renedo Elizalde